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Innovation and community should make life simple—not the other way around. We built Rethink Everything to make sure your organizational growth, includes the strategies and people that will accelerate your impact.

Imagine solutions that make work easier, so you can enjoy life more. Innovation culture building practices that are so easy to learn and share, you'll get time back in your day and joy back in your heart. Social technology that adjusts to your needs, so you can focus on what really matters.

Make your business and team grow with reimagined approaches designed to open up your collective flow.

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Innovate with ease

Build better teams with simple, doable, repeatable steps

Connect with your people

Listen to learn

Document your process

Celebrate your progress

Evaluate with curiosity

Share with open hearts

Act with inclusive appreciation

Flow into growth

Unlock your people potential with wholehearted strategies for the workplace

From the bush behind the jungles of Liberia to the bustling coasts of the US people share a capacity to

see beyond their circumstances and create beyond their perceived ability.

We help you see this in yourself and amplify your unique identity.

Who is on your team?

Takeesha White

Chief Executive Officer


we make magic happen

Rethink EverythinG + your people = Magical Growth

Anon contributor

Your Hard Working People

Why do your people come to work?

Rethink Everything knows we know nothing at all. We ask and listen. We call the passion, rigor, and inspiration forward. We engineer motivation into your tools and templates. We help you decorate your initiatives, color outside the lines and rethink how to reach your goals.

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Experiential training for team connection

From deep listening, to qualitative surveys or even ice cream socials we connect with your culture and leverage the gold hidden within plain sight.

Reducing quiet quitting by naming the fear cycles

Initiatives bring KPIs and BHAGs we work with you to see them both clearly and act collectively

Building inclusive communities

Your people like your audience are often siloed inside and segmented. outside of your organization, we work together to erase the lines and build

bridges of understanding and trust for long term connection and super fan power 💥

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Rethink Everything

Get to know your people

Engage internally and externally

Simplify your approach

Amplify your solutions

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